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Facts about Tree Felling in Azerbaijan’s Occupied Lands will be Used as an Argument in the War with Armenia
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Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources will not take specific steps at the international level in connection with the felling of precious trees by Armenians in the occupied territories ...

Marine Life Faces ‘Acid Threat ‘
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Man-made pollution is raising ocean acidity at least 10 times faster than previously thought, a study says. Researchers say carbon dioxide levels are having a marked effect on the health ...

Symptoms of Global Warming Overrun Greenland
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Beyond the howl of sled dogs echoing across this hilly coastal village is the thunderclap of ancient icebergs splitting apart, a deafening rumble you feel in your bones.There’s no mistaking ...

Cold Weather Forecasted in Azerbaijan from November 28
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Temperature was 9 degrees higher than long term climatic norm, Deputy Director of National Hydrometeorological Department of Azerbaijan’s Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Umayra Tagiyeva told that the temperature was ...

Cruciferous Vegetables Reduce Lung Cancer Risk in Smokers
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Consumption of cruciferous vegetables might help protect smokers against lung cancer, according to new data. Although cruciferous vegetables are known to confer a protective effect against a number of cancers, ...

Rescued Whales Find Pod off Australia
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A group of whales rescued from an Australian beach have joined a larger pod in deep waters – a sign they are doing fine after their ordeal, an official said ...

New Penguin Species Found in New Zealand
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Australian and New Zealand researchers have used ancient DNA from penguin fossils to make a startling discovery that may change the way we view species extinctions. A team from the ...

Online Trade Threatens Wildlife Conservation
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Online trade has become a new outlet for illegal wildlife businesses posing significant challenge for conservation efforts, said international animal protection activists here on Thursday. “The rise of online trade ...

Nevado del Huila Volcano Erupts; Thousands Evacuated
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Thousands of people were evacuated Thursday after the Nevado del Huila volcano erupted. Authorities declared a state of red alert and order everyone within the surroundings to immediately leave their ...

Warm Days Uncharacteristic of November to be Observed in Azerbaijan’s Territory
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The weather will be changeable, cloudy, and mainly rainless in Azerbaijan within three days, Chief Hydrologist of Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry National Hydrometeorological Department Hydrological Bureau Asif Verdiyev told ...

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