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The Natural Resources of Lachin Region Plundered by Armenians

On the eve of the anniversary of Lachin district occupation by Armenians, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) has distributed information about the plundering of natural resources.
According to the press-service of the MENR, natural resources of Lachin district for 19 years under occupation, plundered.
On the territory of Lachin region, rich in natural resources are sources of healing mineral waters: Turshsu, Galaderesi, Aganus, Hyrmanlar, Tigig, Nureddin, Nagdaly, Hadzhihanly.
Lachin, there are three deposits of mercury (Narzanly, Chilgezchay, Sarybulag) common stock in 1124 tons; Lachin limestone deposit a margin of 4,457 tons of marble limestone deposit Godzhaz suitable for facing stones, with a margin of 2.533 thousand cubic meters, two deposits of tuff (Agoglan and Akhmedly), which can produce building blocks, with a margin of 5.125 thousand cubic meters; deposits – clay Novruzlu suitable for brick-ceramics, totaling 998 cubic meters of pumice in Gushchu with a margin of 2.144 thousand cubic meters of clay-sand mixture Yukhary Jaqaru-tea with a margin of 15.794 thousand cubic meters; agate deposits, reserves of 10 tons, and two deposits of precious stones, whose reserves are 0.9 tonnes, three volcanic ash deposits, reserves of 10.449 thousand tons; deposits of mineral water Minkend volume to 4300 cubic meters / day.
For the protection of rare natural complexes in 1961 was created by Lachin State Reserve, located on 20 hectares, and in 1987 was created Garagelsky State Reserve, an area of 240 hectares. Flora Reserve represented 68 species and 27 families of plants.
On the territory of Lachin reserve were collected rare species of fauna such as deer, mountain goat, wild boar, bear, francolin, partridge, and black chicken. In the forest Gadzhishamly, located in the reserve, increasing the red or golden oak, considered the most valuable types of wood. This type of wood in Azerbaijan grew only in the forest.
In the Lachin area forest was 33,285 hectares, of which 26,647 hectares (80.05 percent) were covered by forests. The forests grew predominantly such trees as pine, oak, hornbeam, birch, grabinnik, ash, elm, acacia, willow, pear, poplar.
The area on the right bank of the river Jaqaru, and in the Zabukh village grew two eastern plane trees, whose age was 400 years old. On the territory of the State Forest Fund for 1092 hectares protected trees such as juniper, chestnut, yew.
Lachin district of Azerbaijan was occupied by Armenian armed forces on May 18 1992.

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