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Degradable Polyethylene: Fantasy or Reality
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Plastic waste disposal is one of the serious environmental issues being tackled by our society today. Polyethylene, particularly in packaging films, has received criticism as it tends to accumulate over ...

Azerbaijani Population ‘s Right to Normal Life is Intentionally Violated by Armenia
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The right to a healthy environment and normal life is intentionally and continuously violated by Armenia, a member of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, MP Rafael Huseynov, said on Sept. ...

Should Azerbaijan Cut Down Trees for Firewood or Use Alternative Sources of Energy? – SURVEY
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In Azerbaijan, a decision has been made that 64,000 cubic meters of firewood will be prepared for the winter period. “The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has the task ...

About Ecology
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IntroductionNature works sustainably through various cycles. Organic wastes feed the soil processes and the soil, in turn feeds the plants. Soil organisms such as earthworms use the organic wastes as ...

“An Ecological Problem” At the Caspian Sea is Becoming Urgent
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The Russian and Iranian lifeguards conducted joint exercises on Bandar-Anzali port in the south of south of the Caspian Sea on July 29-30. 30 salvage vessels, 2 search helicopters and ...

The Ways of Achieving Ecological Balance in the Caspian Sea
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Nowadays humankind is facing a range of global problems related to the anthropogenic natural impact. Pollution of the fresh water, increasing content of toxic components in soil water and also ...

Ecological Pollution
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Nature discourages waste by employing one organism to feed on the waste products of others. It is only when we interfere with nature and reduces its biodiversity that waste becomes ...

The Principal Ecological Problems of Azerbaijan Republic
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The following are the principal ecological problems of Azerbaijan: – The pollution of water resources by way of introduction of contaminated water, including transnational pollution; – The supply of low-quality ...

What Is Swine Flu?
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Caused by influenza type A virus, there are regular outbreaks among herds of pigs, where the disease causes high levels of illness but is rarely fatal. It tends to spread ...

CO2 Drop Caused Greenhouse-To-Icehouse Shift
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A team of Yale geologists has a new perspective on the greenhouse-to-icehouse shift where global climate changed from an ice-free world to one with massive ice sheets in the Antarctic ...

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