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Azerbaijan Wrestles with Environmental Issues Related to Energy Development
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The increase in oil production associated with the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline may generate windfall profits for Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s administration, but with the financial gain comes an assortment of ecological ...

‘Chemical Equator ‘ Splits Northern from Southern Air Pollution
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Scientists have detected a ‘chemical equator’ that divides the polluted air of the Northern Hemisphere from the largely uncontaminated atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere. Their findings show for the first ...

Petting a Dog Improves Human Health
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The research now corroborates that contact with animals may be related to human health and well-being. Although, this might be a truism for people involved in animal care giving, pet ...

Historical information
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First, Venus passing on Sun was observed by English astronomer Horroks in 1639. Gauging the time of its traversal on disk he quite accurately defined the distance between the Earth ...

Rare Lichen species of Nakchivan AR and their protection
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Flora of Nakhchivan AR must be formed by saving ancient relict kinds, migration and specie-formation processes. Nakhchivan AR is one of richest from morphological and complicated from geomorphologic point of ...

Expectations for next hundred years
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Modern society must solve a range of global problems, first of all, the environmental one. This problem is the major one and requires an urgent solution. The mankind is witnessing ...

Compassion is not a crime
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Let’s talk again about our small congeners. Each time stepping outside home we can see jumble of hungry, shabby, and feral dogs. Quite a sorry sight isn’t it? We should ...

Acoustic aggression
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Have you ever heard of acoustic aggression? Sure, you have as each of us daily undergoes its impact. The urban morning starts as usual: noise of car engines and heart ...

Global heating is on action
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In China powerful cyclone left after itself flooded towns, destroyed bridges and roads. According to the information disseminated by the authorities, about 3 hundred people became victims of mudflows; several ...

Saving future is the matter of joint efforts
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No one can help us – except for ourselves. This phrase is a topical for mankind in almost all spheres of ecology. I doubt whether we can go forward in ...

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