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Human activity

Japanese Farmer Grew a Giant Apple
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The heaviest apple managed to grow in the Hirosaki city of Japan.Thirty-five years old Chisato Iwasaki from childhood loved to care for plants and trees. This instilled in him a ...

Scientists have created a Luminous Tree
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Luminous tree managed to create British specialists from the University of Cambridge. Scientists have built into the genetic code of plant structure, causing the fluorescent glow of insects – fireflies, ...

Lemon in a Size of a Water-Melon
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Giant lemon weighing 5.5 kg was grown in the Pakistani city of Sargodha.Giant lemons grown in the Pakistani city of Sargodha, is caused astonishment in the local onlookers. Mass of ...

Captain Piccard ‘s Solar Impulse Starts Runway Testing
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The solar-powered jet with globetrotting ambitions has started sneaking out of the hangar and onto the runway for some mild exercise in the form of landing gear and taxi testing. ...

Apple that Stays Fresh for Months Developed by Australian Scientists
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An apple that stays fresh for months has been developed by Australian scientists and could be on shop shelves by next year. Researchers have spent the last 20 years developing ...

Largest Pumpkin-World Record Set by Christy Harp
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Christy Harp, a local High School math teacher, has grown a 1,725 pounds pumpkin-which sets the new world record for the Largest pumpkin.Christy Harp and her husband, Nick, have been ...

Million to One Apple is Half Red, Half Green
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Fruit grower Ken Morrish was left stunned when he found a golden delicious apple on his tree split exactly half green, half red down the middle. The fruit’s striking colouring ...

‘Artificial Trees ‘ to Cut Carbon
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Engineers say a forest of 100,000 “artificial trees” could be deployed within 10 to 20 years to help soak up the world’s carbon emissions.The trees are among three geo-engineering ideas ...

Superwash in the Atmosphere
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Superwash in the Atmosphere “Science”: Research team find accelerated pollutant degradation in the air over Southern China.A previously unknown amplification mechanism increases the self-purifying capacity of the atmosphere three- to ...

Earth ‘s Clearest Skies Revealed
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Possibly the clearest skies on Earth have been found – but to exploit them, astronomers will have to set up a telescope in one of the planet’s harshest climates.Michael Ashley ...

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