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Natural phenomena

Lunar Eclipse Ended
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A lunar eclipse was observed this night. The eclipse began on June 15, at 23.22 by Baku time and finished at 03.02.Total lunar eclipse happened during one hour and 40 ...

Four Legged Goose Born in Shabran
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Goose normally walks and feeds. Unusual event was happened in Rahimli village of Shabran district. Unusual goose was born in private poultry farm of 65 years old resident Asadulla Hashivov. ...

Moon Very Close to Earth on March 19, 2011
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If the farthest point of the moon from Earth is called apogee, the nearest point called perigee.Earth is in danger next week when the Moon will be dangerously close to ...

Almond Trees Blossomed in Azerbaijan
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In the Masazir village of Absheron region, Azerbaijan is observed unusual phenomenon for this time of year: the blossoming of almond trees. Experts consider that such earlier flowering is a ...

Pear Trees Blossomed in Zagatala
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Interesting natural event happened in Zagatala region of Azerbaijan.Two pear trees blossomed in the Upper Tala village of Zagatala district. According to a guard Rza Guliyev, the both pear-tree planted ...

Four-Legged Chicken Born in Azerbaijan
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An unusual chicken was born in a private farm owned by Azerbaijan’s Agstafa resident Yagub Gasimov.What makes the chicken different from others is that it has four legs. Gasimov says, ...

Yellow snow falls in Russia ‘s Far East
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The Amur region in Russia’s Far East was hit by yellow snow, Elena Pechkina, a regional meteorologist.High winds in Mongolia mixed the clouds from a front with dust and sand, ...

Volcano erupts in Azerbaijan
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Lokbatan mud volcano that falls under the State Natural Reserve of Baku and Absheron Peninsula Mud Volcanoes Group erupted, press service of Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry toldThe eruption lasted ...

Cherry-Plum Tree Again Yielded in Callabad District
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Interesting natural phenomenon was happened in Callabad district. The cherry-plum tree was yielded again in the garden of the townsman Farman Vagif oglu Shirinov. 10 years old cherry-plum tree, blossomed ...

Cherry-Plum Tree Yielded Second Time in Ujar District of Azerbaijan
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Unusual natural phenomenon was happened in Ujar district of Azerbaijan. The cherry-plum tree was yielded second time in Lak villager of district. The resident of village, İslamov Khanmammad Huseyn oglu, ...

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