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24 years pass since massacre committed by Armenians in Azerbaijan’s Garadaghli
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 Twenty four years have passed since the occupation of the Garadaghli village of Azerbaijan’s Khojavend district by Armenian armed forces. Armenian armed units, backed by the military hardware and manpower ...

PACE Bureau approves motion on Sarsang reservoir in Azerbaijan’s occupied territory
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                      The motion of the PACE Presidential Committee “On the possibility of humanitarian catastrophe of Sarsang reservoir in the occupied ...

The Natural Resources of Lachin Region Plundered by Armenians
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On the eve of the anniversary of Lachin district occupation by Armenians, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) has distributed information about the plundering of natural resources.According to ...

Conference on “Peacemaking as an Example of Cyprus and North Ireland Conflict”
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In the conference experts who were deeply involved and manage the process of peacemaking in Cyprus shared their experiences of conflict and the processes. Azerbaijani experts shared their experiences about ...

The Dashalty Game Reserve
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The Dashalty game reserve was established for the protection of rare natural complexes of Shusha and Askeran in 1998. It covers an area of 450 hectares. The reserve which was ...

The Arazboyu Game Reserve
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The Arazboyu game reserve was established on the bank of the Araz river on the Iran border in the Zangilan district under the jurisdiction of the Beshitchay state reserve in ...

The Qubadly Reserve
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The state game reserve of Gubadly was established on the territory of the Qubadly and Lachin districts under the jurisdiction of the state reserve of Beshitchay in June of 1996. ...

The State Game Reserve of Lachin
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The state game reserve of Lachin was established in the Lachin district in November of 1961. The game reserve aimed to protect the animals and birds populating this region. The ...

The Garagol State Reserve
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The Garagol state reserve was established by the order of November 17, 1987 of the Ministries’ Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Garagol state reserve is located at a height ...

The Beshitchay State Reserve
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The Beshitchay state reserve was established in the Zangelan district by the decree of the Azerbaijani government of July 4, 1974. It is located in the south-west in the Beshitchay ...

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